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Ceica Peru Spanish Language School is recommended for learning Spanish in the most important handbooks for travelling in South America like Lonely Planet Peru, Footprint South American Handbook, Reise Know How Peru-Bolivien, Moon Handbook Peru and others.

Also, if you would like to contact former students from different parts of the world, here you have some e-mails. Please, feel free to contact them.

Fabianne Muster (Switzeland) e-mail:

Asma Barry (France) e-mail:

Kate Mitchell (England) e-mail:

Edward Prendergast (Holland) e-mail:

Gretta Mogel  (New York) e-mail:

Melissa Nordorf  (USA) e-mail:

Irene de Albany (New York) e-mail:

Jean Ives Boyer (Canada) e-mail:

Furthermore, these are some opinions of our students about Ceica´s Spanish School and about its guest families:

I arrived in Arequipa 3 weeks ago with the intention that I would  like to learn to speak the Spanish language.  I read about Ceica Peru Spanish School  in the Lonely Planet guide book and after visiting their homepage I decided that I would try them.  It’s a nice place and the teachers I’ve had are all very sweet and nice.  After 3 weeks at Ceica Peru Spanish School I’ve discovered that learning a new language is very difficult but anyway I’ve learnt enough to deal with “the world outside”.  I would like to say thanks to everybody at the school for the nice treatment and I won’t have any problem recommending them if anyone asks me.

Tonni Olofsson, Danemark

Peru is one of the most fascinating countries for me. It’s the mentality of the people, the breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to get to know a different culture, which always pulls me back here.
In Ceica Peru Spanish Language School I have learned the Spanish language very fast without any big previous knowledge. This was possible due to the professional teachers I had. In this familial, affectionate atmosphere I have experienced a lot about Peruvian tradition and way of life of the people here. For me it was the best preparation for my work as volunteer in a school here in Arequipa.
I also will never forget the time with my host family. It´s great how fast you get integrated into a Peruvian family and how they see you as family member.
They and my teachers have become good friends for me.
 Petra Ritzke, Berlin, Germany



I took two weeks of classes at Ceica-Peru Spanish Language School and I am really satisfied about this school. It is a family business which you can notice by the atmosphere and the way that everybody gets involved, whether it’s the teachers or the other people you will meet. Regularly, I was asked if everything went alright or whether I wanted another teacher or another host family. I was satisfied about everything, so no changes for me.
To begin with, you are being picked up from the airport, and brought to your family, if you will live with one.
In general you are taught privately, except if you wish differently because you’re with someone else for example. Two hours of grammar, and after a break with something to drink and a bread roll two hours of conversation, most of the time with a different teacher. First, your level is being checked. They have three levels.

I had a great teacher, and in spite of the fact that time was short, I learned a lot. For as far as I know, all teachers have a university degree and speak a second language besides Spanish. Besides the Spanish classes, they offer dancing classes, cooking classes (local dishes), geography, literature and history classes.
My host family was great and very helpful with everything. The lady of the house knew how to surprise us with a wonderful meal day after day. And, clearly with lots of pleasure, she showed me parts of the city.
So, all of this concludes to that I had two wonderful weeks.
Bertien Bleeker, The Netherlands 

Staying at Ceica-Peru Spanish Language School, a wonderful experience!
After spending 8 weeks in Arequipa, with a lot of learning Spanish, volunteering and making fun, I am really happy I choose for the city of Arequipa and for Ceica-Peru Spanish Language School. Arequipa is a nice city, not too big and with both during day and night a lot of entertainment. It is a city where you can feel at home really quickly and it is not too turistic. Choosing Ceica-Peru to learn Spanish was a good decision, because of the great teachers, the good organised programs and the care they take for the well-being of their students. During the one to one classes, we had a lot of interesting discussions in Spanish, even in my first week of classes and during these discussions, I learned a lot without even feeling like being at school. In my family my Spanish improved further by listening to their conversations and having fun with my hostbrothers and sisters.
My volunteering in a Kindergarten was an experience I will never forget, since there I met the real Peruvian life, with all its good things, but also its problems. Ceica Peru arranged this volunteering for me as well. I want to thank Ceica-Peru for everything, and if you're hesitating to come to Arequipa and Ceica-Peru, you should definitely come, you will enjoy!
Janneke Dijkhuisen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Thinking about learning Spanish?  Don’t just think, do it! And Arequipa is the place to do it: it’s a city full of life with plenty of things to see and do, the people are warm and friendly and Ceica-Peru Spanish Language School is very professional and organized, fulfilling your needs to one hundred percent.
My five weeks here have given me a very good experience and lifelong memories of joy and happiness; living with a wonderful host family cooking the best Peruvian food; volunteer working at the orphanage with great kids definitely filled me with love and thanks to the excellent orientation program I know a lot more about Arequipa than I would have as just a tourist.
I wish you the best time and don’t forget to take some salsa classes it’s great fun!!!

Helena Carlsson, Sweden
I was so excited when I flew over to Arequipa! Without having deepened Spanish knowledge I was a little bit uncertain about   everything-how to communicate, how to discuss, how to settle in appropriately, but this uncertainty disappeared within a few hours   when I met my host family. Their very warm welcome, their patience  with me during our discussions when I struggled expressing myself in  Spanish and their interest in my person helped me to dive into my so  called new world.
Furthermore, on my first day that I spent in my host family, I was  already served delicious Peruvian food
Thanks to the highly efficient and methodically good structured  single lessons at CEICA-PERU Spanish Language School, I  quickly learnt Spanish. In addition to  this my teacher  had German language skills and together we  enjoyed the classes in the sunny, calm and green garden of CEICA-PERU learning has never been so easy!
When I finished studying Spanish I started working as a voluntary   worker for APHIPAC and as well as in CEICA-PERU they welcomed me with  open arms. I met a lot of interesting people and made new friends as  for the therapists, the patients or the horses!
I really had a wonderful and great time in Arequipa and I definitely   will be returning to „la ciudad blanca“ again!

Fabienne Muster, Lausen,  Switzeland
Traveling to Arequipa, Peru to learn Spanish is something that is truly an experience that is amazing.  I´m truly blessed to have found such an amazing school.  Ceica-Peru  Spanish Language School is a great school to attending with great one on one teaching methods.  Not only does the school provide a wonderful learning environment but also a cultural learning experience. I had the opportunity to take a cooking class, which was an awesome lesson with some great future dishes to treat my family and friends.  Inclusion, I´m glad to have gotten a wonderful teacher,  who has taught me lot in such a short time.  Also, I’m glad to have attended such a wonderful Spanish Language School.
Cynthia Denzler, Zürich,  Switzeland
With different language schools to choose from, I am very glad to have chosen CEICA-PERU Spanish Language School! Their very comfortable learning surroundings and their wonderful and lively teachers make the school a great place to learn Spanish.
4 Months ago I arrived in Arequipa, expecting not to stay any longer than a month. At the time of writing I find myself working and living here, and recently I have undertaken the Spanish D.E.L.E. exam from Instituto Cervantes on Intermediate level! For this, I Would like to thank my lovely teacher Henry, who has put in amazing efforts to get me ready for the exam. I´m still taking lessons frequently, and feel like I’m learning more every week. Also, I want to thank all at CEICA-PERU Spanish Language School, for making it such a friendly place to take lessons…I´ll never forget the lovely bread rolls and teas served during break time
Besides the lessons, I started working in an orphanage which has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I still go there and help out whenever I have time, and it is awesome that I feel that my help is still appreciated every time I am there.
Besides the school and the work, I have great memories of the host family where I lived during my first month in Arequipa. They offered me a very comfortable and safe environment which I appreciated a lot, and they have been great hosts for me!
Big thanks to you all! Keep up the good work
P.S. Don´t forget to try their salsa classes… unforgettable!

Sandra Aperloo, Holland
My three stays at CEICA have been very pleasant and enriching for me. The atmosphere of the school and the quality of the family's hospitality provided me with the ideal conditions for learning in an immersion environment. Both the family and the school surrounded me with attention which made me feel very secure. Furthermore, the teaching was suited to my pace of learning in Spanish. At the advanced level, I benefited from very instructive lessons about the history and society of Peru and, as well, I enjoyed tremendously my gastronomical experiences in the Arequipa region. I am particularly keeping a vivid memory of my last stay during which our professor Isela surpassed herself in adapting to the needs and exuberance of the entire class of two very boisterous students!
Jean Yves Boyer, Quebec, Canada
When I began Spanish classes in Arequipa, I realized that I had made the right decision. “Learning By Doing” is an effective way to learn a language. I like the school very much because they are flexible and helpful . They do everything possible to satisfy the wishes and expectations of the students. Above all I appreciated the personalized one-on-one classes with capable and dedicated teachers. At the beginning, I didn’t imagine that it was possible to learn a language in such a short time. Without a doubt I would recommend Ceica to anyone who wants to study Spanish in South America.
Also to use and practice a language, it is very important to live with a Peruvian family. This was obvious to me from the beginning .
Living with a family, participating in their daily activities helps you to not only learn Spanish but also about the country.From the first day, I felt at home
and got on very well with my new family. My Peruvian mother, Charo, is very friendly. It’s going to be very difficult to leave.
On the other hand, Peruvian food is excellent. To really appreciate it, you should eat whenever possible with your homestay family.
Alexandra Blatting, Nötsch, Austria
CEICA facilitates the learning of the Spanish language in all of the ways you might expect + others as well.
Of most importance is the quality of the teachers. The teachers are excellent. All of them.
Additionally, working one on one with a teacher (not a financially viable proposition in many Spanish language schools) means that there are no stupid questions + greatly enhances your ability to learn Spanish rapidly + with precision
Also, the pleasant “open air” setting where classes are taken, puts you in the right frame of mind for learning, particularly for those early morning classes.
I am told also that the Spanish spoken by Arequipeñans is one of the clearest + most most pleasant sounding Spanish accents.
Finally, living with a Peruvian family exposes you to the Spanish language ever after you leave the school grounds. You also get a far richer experience, and much better food.
Thanks to everyone who helped me whilst in Arequipa
Trent Simon, Brisbane, Australia
I have been at Ceica Spanish School for four weeks. I have had a great time. The teachers are very patient, interesting, experienced and informative. The structure of the lessons and the exercises are thorough and helpful from the very basics to the more complex tense. However, the classes are open for interpretation. Depending on what works best for you or particular parts of the language you’d prefer to spend more time on. I found practicing conversational Spanish with my teachers really helpful and fun.
Besides the classes, what I’ll remember the most is the people involved with the school and all the fun we had. It was a never ending barrel of laughs and good times. I made great friends with my teachers and in their own time would often take us students out to great parts of the city including restaurants and bars. They taught me heaps about Peru, the culture and people.
My host family were loving, caring and helpful. I tasted healthy typical Peruvian food. I had good conversations, also loved learning and watching normal Peruvian life. I could definitely recommend the experience to anyone looking for a good school, fascinating and fun time.
Matt Moffatt, Coffs Harbour, Australia
I love Carmen and her school, CEICA, more than all the others. I have taken Spanish in many schools - in Mexico, Chile and Peru - and CEICA is the best.
First, the owners are locals, not large American or European companies. During my two month at CEICA, my money directly helped Peruvians - not other countries. In addition, the quality of the teachers at CEICA - Carlos, Elvira and others - is the best I have found. Finally, an affordable school with excellent teachers and the perfect environment. After two years, I remember with much happiness my mornings in the courtyard outside the school, with flowers, plants, birds and sun. I went to Arequipa - even though I had planned to study in Santiago, Chile - because the Spanish in Peru was the best in South America, specially for Americans like myself who had studied in Mexico
When my Spanish improved signficantly, I took private classes on the history of Peru with Dr. Carmen Cornejo. Señora Cornejo taught me everything about Peru. Her wisdom and experience with students makes her one of the best teachers I have ever had. And her kindness and youthful spirit and sense of fun give the school a dynamic, fun and stimulating atmosphere. I recommend CEICA to everyone to improve their Spanish, have wonderful experiences and see the beauty and incredible history of Peru. Through my trips to other countries such as Mexico and Chile, I have learned that Arequipa and the family of teachers at CEICA as well as Carmen and her husband, Jose, are rare, valuable gifts.
Thank you so much
Kendall Anderson, USA
The lessons were very well structured. I was able to remember everything that I had learnt a long time ago. Besides which I obviously learnt some new things. I could communicate very well with my host family. The short walk to the school was very nice and I got on very well with my host family.
Iris Bautsmann, Germany
Before coming to Peru, I had already taken a basic Spanish course in Germany. This helped me a lot as both my teacher were sometimes very demanding, which meant that in only three weeks my vocabulary and especially my grammar improved greatly. This course was very important for me as I am going to live in La Paz, Bolivia, where I’m going to work on a social program with homeless children.  I will have fond memories forever. Keep up the good work!.
Claudia Vogel, Germany
Hello CEICA, I arrived here to learn and study Spanish and I have made it a wonderful time and an excellent experience. Your school is a warm an lovely place, this is the heart of Arequipa. I hope to return and to see your happy faces again.
Many thanks and a big hug.
Nana Barman, Finland

During my last volunteer stay in Arequipa I have visited this school for Spanish classes. This school is very professional with great learning material. My teacher Monica was beyond nice and she has helped me so much to not only speak better Spanish but also to teach me about local culture. Thank you so much you made my stay better and more worthwhile. Many thanks and see you!!! :)

Thy Nguyen, Germany
I was able to learn a lot in 4 weeks. Thanks a lot. Everything was great. It is the best school that I know. Thanks Adita and Carlitos. Now I can dance Salsa much better. Hopefully I’ll remember everything and learn much more because I love you. Bye and once again thanks for everything. Lots of love,
Danielle Kay, England
Three months studying Spanish, I was very fortunate to do it in the city of the eternal summer, the prettiest city in Peru, under the volcanoes of the beautiful city of Arequipa. Firstly thanks to Mrs. Carmen, the director, for her unforgettable classes of history and grammar and also for her advice for my life, I have never had such unbelievable help. Next I would like to thank Elvira, a very talented teacher, with whom I had long and interesting conversations about many topics. Now I know more Spanish and will be able to continue exploring a sun soaked world with endless horizons and seemingly eternally happy people.
Allison Riding, Australia
When we arrived in Arequipa, we weren’t sure how long we were going to stay.  The idea was to stay for 2 weeks to see how much Spanish we could learn. We were so comfortable with Henry and Juana’s family that we stayed for two months! Today we are leaving and we are very sad. It is very difficult to leave because we feel like a part of the family. This is a very important part of learning Spanish. Thanks Ceica Peru Spanish School. We learned a lot and have very fond memories!.
Christel Mantel, Germany
I found the perfect place to take an intensive Spanish course for three weeks. In CEICA I benefited from high-level teaching in a nice environment. I’d like to thank my teachers Ada, for his explanations of grammar and verb conjugations, for introducing me to Hispanic writers; Patricia, for her simulations of interviews, and for her very interesting and fun discussion courses. Finally thank you Mrs. Carmen for your hospitality; for my birthday celebrations, despite being so far from my parents, I had a great birthday; and for the trip around the countryside of Arequipa!
Mona Chehab, France


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