Ceica Peru offers three accommodation options for your stay in Arequipa. Immerse yourself in Peruvian life by staying with a host family, stay in the school building for conveniently located facilities, or live it up in a private apartment.

Staying with a host family

We provide comfortable accommodation with Peruvian families, staying with a family will allow the student to practice Spanish intensively; also to learn more about our culture and the customs of the normal Arequipenian families.


Furthermore, the student will share the daily activities of the family such as going shopping, visiting small villages near Arequipa, cooking traditional food, celebration birthday parties, etc.


An important part of the accommodation is that the family will take care of the health of the student, mainly through the careful cleaning and cooking of food. The family will prepare special meals for vegetarian students and in case of sickness.


The student can choose between room and breakfast, room with half or full board (includes breakfast, lunch and evening meals).

Staying in the school building

Rooms totally furnished to share in a safe and well located apartment in the school building in Calle Los Arces. Los Arces is surrounded by such a variety of restaurants, from cheap and cheerful local food to fine Peruvian and International cuisine and everything in between (including an excellent vegetarian restaurant on the same street).


The district is vibrant and exciting whilst safe, there are many kinds of shopping and pampering options and all just a short distance from the city centre and Yanahuara. You can walk to both and soak up the atmosphere of the streets or hop on a local bus for an entertaining experience or simply grab a cab. It is also close to the airport, a direct bus journey to the bus station, and on the main route for catching direct buses to outlying villages of interest such as Yura (thermal waters & great walking) and Paucapata (walking through ancient Inca terraces to other villages & having lunch).


The school is good for long visits and for people how are looking for a nice, friendly  and  comfortable place to stay.  You can use all the common areas as kitchen, living,  dining room, TV Cable, DVD, Stereo Sound Equipment, etc. Hot water 24/day.  The price include electricity, water, maintenance and local taxes. The accommodation doesn’t include towels and toiletries like toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and others.


Staying in a private apartment

We offer a comfortable apartment with 2 bedrooms with a beautiful view of the mountains and the countryside, living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen and large hot water bathroom, area 74 m2, includes cable TV, and Wi Fi Internet, 3 blocks from the Plaza de Cayma.


There is public transportation two blocks from the house, but it is possible to walk to the city center in approximately 20 minutes.


The climate is mild in the area - it is very pleasant almost all year round.

To see the prices for our accommodation, click here.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I participate in the EASE program?

Once SCE has verified your eligibility, you will be notified and continue to the next step of the process. So to start, head to the home page, and follow the link to verify your eligibility.

How do I choose an installer?

Head over to the installer page of the website. The installers listed on the website are the approved installers that were chosen to deploy the systems required for the program. We recommend reading about the companies and reaching out to them for more information and to receive quotes.

I'm interested, what do I do next?

That's great! Please check your eligibility here.

How do I choose a system?

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When will the incentive be paid?

The incentive will be paid after the installation is complete and the system has received permission to operate.

When will I know if I am eligible?

Please expect a response within 3 business days.

Why is the incentive only available in a limited area of Santa Ana?

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Is the incentive still available?

Yes, the incentive is still available. For your convenience, the website will be updated as soon as the incentive is no longer available.

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