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Welcome to Peru

Peru is a country which has almost 20,000 years of culture to look back on. Here the traditional Indian way of life is still alive today. 


Places like Chavín, the former pilgrim centre, the culture of the Paracas and Pucarás and the gigantic Nazca lines are all part of the rich culture.


Much can still be seen of the Moche and Tiahuanaco cultures and the Inca empire (e.g. Mach Picchu).


Arequipa province lies on the Chili river valley between the Andes and the Pacific. It is one of the richest regions in the country.


The capital of the province also called Arequipa lies at the foot of three volcanoes: Misti (5,825m) which is mostly covered with snow, Chachani (6,075m) and Pichu Pichu (5,664m).


Approximately 980,221 people live in the city. The climate is mild and dry throughout the year, and temperatures do not rise above 25 C or fall below 10 C. Arequipa is only 75 km from the sea as the crow flies.


You can visit some interesting parts of the city and surrounding countryside, enjoy the wonderful colonial architecture.


Some of the main sightseeing around Arequipa are: “El Molino de Sabandia”, Plaza de Armas, Santa Catalina Convent, Colca Valley, Mollendo and Mejia Beach, etc.


If you want to visit more places or other cities of Peru, such as Colca Canyon, Paracas, Nasca, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, the Amazon, etc. Ceica Peru Spanish School can organize your trip with local travel agents. 

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