Special Programs

Not everyone has the same needs, so we've put together special programs for people who are interested in using Spanish for travelling or curious about the culture and sights of Arequipa. 

Spanish for travellers

Length: 1 week | Spanish lessons: 30 hours (6 hours / day)

This program is designed for people that need to learn basic Spanish for their travels in Latin America. You can start with this program any day of the week including weekends. 


In this course you will learn basic vocabulary and simple structures in the present, past and future tenses.  You will also have the opportunity to practice dialogues relating to hotels, travel agencies, and bus stations, as well as how to call for a taxi, shop, ask for instructions, etc. At the end of the program you will be able to have basic conversations with native speakers in many different situations. 

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Arequipean sites, culture and spanish lessons

Length: 1 week | Spanish lessons: 15 hours (3 hours / day)

Intermediate and advanced students will attend both grammar classes and field trips guided by their instructors. Participants will have three hours of class every day and three hours visiting the historic center of Arequipa and other parts of the city.


On the first day, participants will get to know the historical neighborhood, San Lazaro, and the Museum of Alpaca; the second day participants will be taken to the Plaza de Armas, the Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa, and the Compañía Church and Cloister; the third day participants will visit local artisans and lunch in a traditional Peruvian restaurant; on the fourth day participants will go to the Molino de Sabandía (the Sabandía Mill) in the historical town of Sabandía where they will sample traditional regional food; and the fifth day, after three hours of class, they will visit the Monastery of Santa Catalina.


Calculate the price of this program in your currency on our prices page.


Length: Flexible  | Spanish lessons: 1 1/2  hour per class

In order that high intermediate and advanced spanish students achieve greater proficiency in the use of our language, Conversation and Reading Courses are offered, particularly in this course the  material for the lessons  will be selected according to your  interests, during the development  of the course the priority will be to give your opinion of the reading and  will be complemented with a brief written activity.  Special price 30 soles per class

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