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Welcome to the Ceica Peru  Spanish School  and to the city of Arequipa, the main city of southern Peru. In this beautiful city with excellent weather, surrounded by spectacular mountains and declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site because of its colonial architecture, you will be able to learn Spanish and to meet the Arequipeñans, who are very friendly and hospitable.


Besides, from the city of Arequipa, you can go on excursions to Colca Canyon, Cotahuasi Canyon (the deepest Canyon of the world) or to other cities close to Arequipa: Puno, Cuzco, etc.


At Ceica Peru Spanish School, we have taught Spanish and South American history and literature to hundreds of people from around the world who are interested in studying in South America because of its culture, fascinating geography and the opportunity to get to know its diverse peoples.


Our teaching methods are regularly reviewed and updated based on the latest educational research and technique. Based on this and our highly qualified teachers, you can be assured that you will quickly learn Spanish. It's easy.

About the school

About the school

Ceica Peru is a small Spanish School founded in 1996 by Dr. Carmen Cornejo, who earned her doctorate in history and is a professor of linguistic and literature. Co-founders include a group of highly qualified teachers with specialized training in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Ceica Peru Spanish School, is situated near the center of Arequipa (only a 25 – minute walk from the historical city center).

Teaching methods

Our teaching method normally combines both grammar and conversation, but the students can specialize in one or the other.


All classes have a maximum of four students. Basic classes are taught by bilingual teachers (English and Spanish), more advance and special courses such as Peruvian history and literature are taught by monolingual teachers. All our teachers are professionals who have specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and have many years of experience in this area.

Meet the team

Our team

To teach our language and to open the doors to our culture is a wonderful thing! and it is such a worthwhile undertaking because we receive from our students long lasting friendship.

Dr Carmen Cornejo

Founder & Teacher

The experience of teaching Spanish to foreigners is genuinely rewarding. I believe that everyone has the capacity to learn Spanish and that it only requires desire and discipline. It is very satisfying for me to see foreigners speaking Spanish. For them, traveling in South America, beginning to communicate in Spanish and having contact with the people of this continent are real accomplishments. Come and study with us!



Being able to share our language through your culture with the most diverse group of students from all over the world is without a doubt a very rewarding, interesting and beautiful experience. Spanish is a beautiful language that must be learned. Learning a language is for sure getting to know the culture of a country. Our students obtain substantial knowledge during their lessons; nevertheless, what makes Ceica Peru Spanish School the best school at which to learn Spanish is the familiar atmosphere. It is the best choice for getting immersed in Peruvian culture.



I like teaching Spanish a lot, because I like to pass on my knowledge and watch how students improve their new language.



It is an interesting way to meet new people from different countries. The idea I have about foreign cultures, from television, is different from the information that I receive directly from the students.



I love being a language teacher, because I love to teach. It is a unique experience to teach students and help them become better people each day. Also, being a teacher helps me. Having good relationships with my students helps me to be a better husband and father.



I love teaching and also meeting students from all over the world.



It is an important part of my career, helping people learn more about us because the world is so small and we are so close.



I love classes because teaching Spanish is my real passion. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to find out directly about other cultures and customs.

Dr Maria


I am glad to have the opportunity to be a language teacher and to share my personal experiences with students. Also, to find out about different cultures, personalities and naturally, share many activities.



Among new words, rules and verbs begins the talking in Spanish which is for me challenging, very interesting and fun because I can get to know new people!



Teaching Spanish not only let me teach my language and my culture, also I can learn about countries. And the most important thing is that you can have more friends, with different cultures and languages.
I think if you have friends in different parts of the world... the world is not so big any more because friends make you feel at home, friends make that the frontiers disappear and wherever you travel you know that you will find a friend there.



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