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Ceica Peru Spanish School has the Spanish course you need because all our courses are  tailor-made to suit the ability and needs of our students.


We offer a flexible study plan, taking into account the needs of the students. The students decide when they will start their course, the number of hours to study (at least 10 hours per week) and the duration of the course.


Lessons are 55 minutes long and are held from Monday to Friday. Lessons during the weekend are also possible, but we will determine the appropriate time. 

If you're interested in taking things further, we also offer a number of supplementary courses. Prices depend on the number of students attending:

cooking classes

 Learn to prepare and try delicious traditional Peruvian dishes, especially from Arequipa.


Spanish has a lot of words that are derived from Quechua, including coca, condor, guano, llama, and puma. Quechua lessons are only available on one on one lessons. The minimum length of the course is 2 weeks with 20 hours per week.


Peruvian literature & history

Open to advanced students only. In these courses, we use diagrams, maps and texts.

Important information:
  1.  The cost of classes depends on the number of students. Individual lessons are available at any time, while group lessons are only available if we can form a group of your same level of Spanish and at the same time that you decide to start your lessons with us. The maximum number of students per class is 4.

  2. All the teaching material and the attendance certificate given at the end of the course will be provided free of charge.

  3. If you have 4 hours of lessons per day, you will have 2 hours of grammar, 2 hours of practice and conversation with a 20 minute coffee break.

  4. For more information about our courses, see our FAQs page.

Interested in learning with us? Calculate the cost of your course, or click here to enroll.

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