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In the present globalized world, a feeling of solidarity is growing like a light of hope which shows itself in many ways. There are for example the efforts to join forces to protect the environment; to save children from ignorance and distress; and to lift communities out of extreme poverty.


For this noble reason, Arequipa, like many cities in Latin America, has had the invaluable help of foreign friends and institutions who voluntarily work with abandoned children and the handicapped, in nurseries, in schools, in health centers etc.


Using its experience Ceica Peru Spanish School has designed some special programs for those interested in  learning or  improving their Spanish and/or participating in voluntary work.

Why volunteer?

Why volunteer?

  • You will improve your natural abilities in a completely different culture. You will learn a great deal from the new situations that you will be met with  in your work place. All of which will enrich your perception of  life.

  • You will contribute to the education and upbringing of children in  schools or in care.

  • You will discover your strengths and talents. You will develop new abilities that will serve you for the rest of  your life.

  • You will gain work experience.

  • In a cultural exchange, you will learn about Peruvian culture and we will learn about your country and life in other countries. 

  • And for those who wish to improve their knowledge of Spanish, there is nothing better than practicing it every day at work.


Requirements for volunteering

  • Be at least 18 years old.

  • Choose the Volunteer Program which is closest to your needs.

  • Have an open mindset to understand the restrictions that our traditional  conservative culture imposes, for example when you are working wear appropriate clothes (no miniskirts, shorts, low or skimpy tops etc); avoid romantic relationships with the personnel or youths in care.

  • Obey the personnel in charge of your social project.

  • Behave morally in the volunteer work place and be willing to comply with the norms established by the institution.

Programs available

Programs we offer

Found a program you're interested in? Calculate the cost in your currency on our prices page.

Where to work

Where to work?

Volunteers can choose to work in the following places:

How to enrol
Terms & conditions
  • What do you recommend, group or one on one lessons?"
    We always recommend one to one lessons, because your teacher will focus on your specific needs and you can reach your personal goals. In groups normally some students progress faster than others which causes frustration in both the less able, who feel left behind, and more able students, who become impatient. On the other hand, group lessons are great for friends that come together and support each other in learning Spanish.
  • What are the class schedules?
    The normal schedule is from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 or from 9:00 to 01:00 during the rainy season. For students who want flexible schedules, the lessons are in the afternoon starting at 1:00 p.m. Also, for students who request it, we can arrange classes weekends.
  • Are group lessons available?
    Sometimes we have group lessons, for students that come together, or who speak the same language and have the same level in Spanish. Group lessons are for beginners to intermediate. For advance students we only offer one to one lessons.
  • What if I don't speak any Spanish?
    Don`t worry. We usually have students that have never had contact with Spanish before, our texts books are designed for complete beginners and our teachers have lot of experience in teaching complete beginners.
  • If I'm a complete beginner, what can I learn in one week?"
    The articles, the verb to be, the most used adverbs, adjectives and nouns in Spanish, how to ask questions, how to answer them, useful information for buying tickets, booking hostels, buying clothes, etc. In terms of grammar your will learn the present tense, present perfect and going to. In short a survival course which is enough for travelling around
  • How much time do I need to become fluent in Spanish?
    This depends on the effort that a student invests in learning Spanish. Our experience shows that a person who does not speak any Spanish, with a 40-hour course can manage basic communication in Spanish, for example he or she will be able to buy things and to request basic information in Spanish. To become fluent maybe you need to study at least 6 months if you don´t have any knowledge of the language.
  • Do the teachers give homework?
    Yes - they always give you homework or they request you to review what you have studied that day. It is important that you do this, so you can progress faster and the teacher can teach you more.
  • What languages do your teachers speak?
    Most of them speak English, some of them German and French. Bilingual teachers are available for beginners and basic levels, but for intermediate to advanced students only Spanish is used. In any case most of the class will be in Spanish from the beginning.
  • Do your teachers have university degrees?
    Yes, our teachers have University Degrees, most of them in Education and some in Language and Linguistics. Some of them have a Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.
  • Do I work with only one teacher for 4 hours?
    No, usually when students take 4 or more hours per day, they work with two different teachers, changing after two hours. You will you keep the same teachers for the whole course unless you request a change.
  • Do I need to bring any study materials with me?
    The school will provide all your study materials, but if you could bring a good dictionary, a notebook and a pen.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum age for enrollment?
    No - students of all ages are welcome. We have had students from 3 to 75 years old.
  • Can I change my program after enrollment?
    This depends on the kind of change. For example, if you wish to take more hours we can usually arrange that. However, if you wish to reduce your number of hours, you will only be able to do this after the first week, because teachers’ schedules are planned for the whole week bearing in mind your booking.
  • Can I study for a few weeks, then take a break, and then continue for another couple of weeks?"
    Yes, this is possible, but when you return you might not have the same teachers, you will work with the teachers that are available at the moment.
  • When can I start my course?
    You can start one to one Spanish lessons any day of the week, not necessarily on a Monday, but you should book in advance to ensure that teachers are available.
  • Do your teachers work on public holidays?
    Yes, but we don’t work at Christmas and New Year. If you miss lessons because of these holidays we will reschedule them.

How to enrolL

  1. Read carefully the information that appears in our web site regarding Ceica Peru Volunteer Program.

  2. If you have any questions, write to us at:

  3. Once we have answered all your queries and you are serious about applying for a volunteer position, send us your completed Application Form.

  4. Once we have received the Application Form, we will ask you to send the documents which are requested by the relevant social organization, for example your résumé in Spanish, a letter of Introduction about  yourself in Spanish, possibly a copy of your university degree or your certificate of studies.

  5. After a couple of days, we will send you a response telling you which organization has accepted you.

  6. Then you need to send us the Enrolment form plus the Enrollment fee of 20 dollars  to confirm the booking of the program you have applied to.

  7. Then we will be in touch with you by e-mail you to coordinate further details like your arrival, information about the accommodation, etc.

Terms & Conditions

Please, read carefully the general rules of the Ceica Peru Volunteer Program. By submitting your Enrolment form and your Enrolment fee, you acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions:

You confirm that you have read all of the information available in Ceica Peru Spanish  School website concerning the requirements to apply for volunteer positions, the description of the programs that we offer, costs, etc.; and you understand and accept these.

Ceica Peru Spanish School  expects that the persons interested in applying for a volunteer position, choose a Program for Volunteers that matches their needs and availability of time; and also, that they will  fulfill with their responsibility of studying Spanish (if this option is chosen), accommodation  and  carrying out the volunteer work, because this is  a commitment that Ceica Peru Spanish School assumes with the people in charge of the different institutions that accept volunteers

If you have to cancel your participation in Ceica Peru Volunteer Program for any reason, you can do it within 30 days before the start of your program, but your  20 dollars Enrollment fee will not be refunded.

If you decide to cancel your volunteer program due to an emergency after your arrival in Arequipa, we can refund you part of your money which   will be determined by the management of Ceica Peru Spanish  School.

If you decide to leave the accommodation and the volunteer work earlier than planned, no money will be refunded.

If you are absent from your accommodation no refund will be given. Also, it is not possible to postpone the days, which you are not in the accommodation, when you travel.  If you stay after your programmed departure date, you have to pay these additional days in Ceica Peru’s Administrative Office.

The total payment of your Volunteer Program is expected on your arrival, in our Administrative Office.

Ceica Peru Spanish School will make a contribution of  150 Soles to the Institution chosen by the volunteer. This contribution will be in the form of food, clothing, and articles for the children etc. The volunteer will personally hand this over to the institution.

You agree that pictures taken during your project, in which you appear, can be used in Ceica Peru Spanish School website and promotional materials, in order to promote our Spanish School.

You will be expected to behave in a manner consistent with the laws and customs of Peru. If you commit any illegal acts, offend local sensibilities, put at risk the welfare or safety of yourself or others, or act in a manner detrimental to the school, the local families or  the social organizations,  you will be required to leave promptly without recourse or refund.

In the event of you choosing to leave the organization at any time, or if the staff has instructed you to leave, Ceica Peru Spanish  School is released from any responsibility for your welfare immediately.

Ceica Peru Spanish School does not provide insurance cover for you or your possessions. We are not liable for the loss, wear or damage to any personal items. You are advised to provide yourselves with appropriate health, accident and travel insurance for the time of your stay in Arequipa.

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